Like attracts like, so make sure your space reflects the harmony and balance that you would like to bring into your life

Welcoming the soul to an environment that is blessed abundantly with love, happiness, prosperity and good health.

Feng - shui is an age-old art-form which found its conception in ancient China, the land of auspicious dragons. These dragons are still believed to breathe their mystical and magical energy in to the modern world. It is, perhaps this very energy which forms the focal point of this highly acclaimed art-form. Read More


Vastu Shastra is an ancient art-form. It is a highly scientific art, bringing together architecture and spirituality. Vastu is a kind of Indian equivalent of Feng-shui and both together help us to create havens that nurture our soul. Read More

Today's Tip
Veranda or balcony is best built along the north or east of a home. Verandas that run along all four walls should be slightly narrower on the southern and western side so that there is proportionately more space in the northeast.
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